Christmas is about being with the ones you love and making memories. Even more important for people living with a life-limiting condition and their families, where happy moments together are treasured.      

Christmas remains a special time for families even if a family member is staying in the inpatient unit or being cared for

at home by a Harlington Hospice Nurse. 

Our hospice staff loves nothing more than bringing a smile to a patient’s face in what are the hardest of times. When Tina, mum of three young sons, came to the hospice needing help managing her pain due to terminal cancer, her boys were worried about visiting but quickly realised it is a safe warm space where they can enjoy time with their mum, knowing she is being cared for.

For Tina and her young family, we organised a snowball fight, helped the kids build a snowman, and ordered their favourite pizza for Christmas dinner. The family had so much fun, and Tina never stopped smiling!

Tina’s family were struggling to come to terms with their mother’s serious illness, and our hospice staff were there to help support them
through their difficult journey. Together with Harlington Hospice and their CABS (Children and Adolescent Bereavement Service) we were able to provide one to one and family group counselling sessions.

Our hospice team are dedicated to helping create special moments for patients like Tina and her family that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives.

This Christmas, we would love to create more memories like this.

We need to raise £15,000 this Christmas to ensure we continue to provide the best palliative care for anyone who needs it in our community.

We will turn your generosity into acts of kindness that give individuals and families something they can fondly look back on forever.

A gift of £20 today will help us reach our target and be there for our patients and their families at Christmas and throughout the year.

Thank you