What our children and young people say:


I feel stronger now and more productive.” (D, aged 10)

 “I can remember the happier memories of my father. I used to feel scared and worried, but I now know that I can talk to someone who understands.” (K, aged 11)

“Art has helped me to express my feelings and the process of therapy has helped me to talk and be open with others.” (R, aged 11)

“I have found the sessions helpful because I managed to explore my feelings, especially guilt. Once I knew the root of my feelings, it became easier to understand them. These sessions gave me the opportunity to have someone to talk to when I didn’t have anyone else. This has also enabled me to speak about my feelings more, which will help me in the future.” (F, aged 17)


What our parents say:


"Since working with you, my son has had very positive experiences at school, is a lot more calm and shows no anger. His relationship with his brother has also improved greatly. This has been a very positive experience and has been really good for him.” (Mother of bereaved YP)

“There’s been change in my daughter, she’s her happier, laughing more, and she has some of her old spark back.” (Mother of bereaved YP)


What other professionals say:

“There was a significant improvement in our student’s wellbeing during and after the sessions. He began to re-engage more with everyday school life and begun attending lessons fully. He also started talking to more members of staff about his concerns. He seems to be more settled and is looking forward to a positive future.” (School of bereaved YP)