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24/7 Advice & Support | 020 3824 1268

Harlington Care

Our Harlington Care team supports people living with diverse health and social care needs to live each day in their own way.

After decades of working across our vibrant community, we knew that our skills and experience could help more people to live each of their days to the fullest. That’s why we began to offer Harlington Care, our at home daytime care and respite service for adults across Hillingdon. We also now offer a respite service in the Borough of Hounslow.

We assist with day to day tasks such as personal care, moving around in and out of the home, and taking medications. We get to know what matters most to each of our clients and work with them to have new experiences outside of their home and visit places that they love.

We also support unpaid carers to have respite from their caring role and tend to what is important to them. This could include visiting other family and friends, doing the food shop, visiting the doctors or hairdressers, attending a carer support group or just getting some rest at home. Our Harlington Care team also works closely with our Hospice at Home team to provide compassionate end of life respite support throughout the day and night.

Our Harlington Care service is a paid for at home care and respite service and is not part of our free of charge range of services.