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What difference will Hillingdon Carers Partnership make?

By working closely together, the five organisations will improve carers' experience of help, advice and support by:

Creating a single point of access
A new carer who contacts any of the individual organisations will be able to access the full range of carer support services by making that one call.

Providing better information
When registering, a new carer will receive a single Carer Information pack. Packs will contain details of the whole range of support services available from all the partner organisations.

Seamless transition
Carers can move between services according to their support needs. There will be no need for reassessment; with your permission, we will share your information with the most appropriate service provided by members of the partnership.

Preventing waste
We will co-ordinate service delivery and ensure that there is no duplication; thus using resources more efficiently.

Sharing learning and expertise
We will develop cooperation and learning amongst staff across partner organisations, which in turn will improve services for carers.

Finding Carers
We will work together to try to reach all the carers in the borough that either don't recognise themselves as carers or who do not know about the support they are entitled to.

More information is available at Hillingdon Carers