View our Quality Account 2017/2018

This is our first Annual Quality Account and it gives us a great opportunity to share previous years progress and achievements in addition to those achieved in 2017-18.  

Harlington Hospice has supported local people for over 30 years, delivering Day and Night Care at home and also within the hospice. Our vision and philosophy of care is described within this account and the caring and compassionate approach of our staff and volunteers has made a key contribution to our success and current achievements.

We have been actively involved in ensuring we adopt a whole systems approach to quality and to meeting the needs of our population. During the last couple of years we have participated in a number of forums aimed at creating a single quality assurance system across local health services.   We tell you about some of these, such as Hillingdon Health Care Provider Partnership (HHCP), within this report. 

Over the last few years we have worked hard to establish stability and consistency within our Day Care and Hospice at Night services and been able to see our service improvements receiving very positive feedback from clients and patients accessing those services.

We are improving our governance arrangements to keep pace with our expanding service provision and in addition to the changes we have already made, we will be further improving our quality framework in the coming year 2018-2019.

We have continued to talk to patients, carers and other users of our services to learn more about their views regarding unmet need and also their perception of the quality of care they are receiving from us.

It is widely accepted that there are significant gaps in opportunities for the population of Hillingdon to have real choice around how they are supported in living with long-term, life limiting conditions and at the end of life.

Our vision for development of Harlington Hospice is in response to this unmet need: in collaboration with our provider colleagues, we plan expanding into a range of bed-based services in addition to the day care and home focused service we currently provide. Ensuring we embed quality systems into development of these plans is fundamental to our approach for the next stage of the Hospice.