View our full Quality Account 2018/2019 here.

This is the second year we have had the opportunity to look back and consider what we have achieved over the past year and to reflect on how far we have manged to make progress in the priority areas we identified. We are also able to tell you about the issues that
have challenged us and, in some cases, have prevented progress at the pace we would like. 

I am pleased to say that our hard work transforming our services to meet local unmet need is now bearing fruition. Our plans to deliver end of life enhanced care in the north of the borough are underway and at the same time we are in the final stages of gaining planning
permission for a new-build bedded unit on our current site in Harlington. We are also pleased to report that we have managed to increase our recruitment of nurses and health care assistants for our Hospice at Home Service.

Some of these developments would not be possible without the added value of relationships with partners within our consortium of five local voluntary sector organisations, H4All. Being an active member of H4All will enable us to identify patients earlier from within the successful Well-being Project which supports people within the community with life-limiting illness. The services of H4All already focus on reducing isolation and loneliness as a component of ill-health and for some people this leads to support from
our specialist services. Crucial to our plans is our continued stakeholder membership in the integrated care system, primarily through the Hillingdon Health and Care Partnership.

Significant energy has been put into restructuring our Quality Governance framework, establishing newly formed working groups, rewriting terms of reference and embedding new processes. This supports our objective of supporting continuous Quality Improvement
within our organisation.

In addition, it has been as important in the past year to completely restructure and improve our financial oversight and management. This will enable us to make the most effective use of our resources and improve and expand our services to the local community.

Steve Curry,
Chief Officer