This page contains guides and advice for self care during the Covid 19 crisis - If you need more advice and support please contact the Hospice directly on 020 8759 0453

Hand Care

We are all probably washing our hands more thoroughly and more often than we have been used to.  Our hands may be getting a bit dry and sore.  We may also be carrying a little anxiety associated with this. 

Here is a video for Hand Care - Take a few minutes to relax and give your hands and yourself a little appreciative workout.” 

Here is a second video for caring for your hands.

Sit comfortably in a chair and use this simple 3 minute workout for your hands  – gentle clapping to stimulate the many acupressure points in the hands which gives your whole body a work out.

Relax, enjoy and see how you feel afterwards

Join Sandra our complementary therapist with some gentle meditation