Huge congratulations to H4All’s High Intensity User (HIU) Team, for their Social Prescribing Programme of the Year award at the 2020 UK Annual Social Prescribing Link Worker Awards on 8 October.

The award recognises a Social Prescribing programme that has made an outstanding positive impact and demonstrates an all-round excellence in social prescribing practice. The High Intensity User (HIU) Service works exclusively with the top 50 people who overuse Hillingdon Hospital A&E. Last year this small cohort alone were responsible for £7million of cost to the local A&E with the highest user of services calling for an ambulance almost 700 times in the past year.

Headline achievements made by the small team include:

  • A&E activity reduced from 947 to 408 visits. The reduction of 539 attendances represents a £46,348 saving
  • Non-elective (NEL) admissions reduced from 216 to 79 This reduction of 137 admissions represents a £207,047 saving

These showcase how proactive care and support can create excellent results for people they support and contribute to the wider health and social care improvement.

More information can be found here comms.pdf