This week we are taking part in the BIG GIVE. This is a fantastic opportunity for Harlington Hospice to raise money for our Children's and Adolescent Bereavement service. 

We are seeking funding to meet the increasing need to support grieving children, young people(YP), and their families during Christmas time. The grieving process has been disrupted due to Covid-19. We have seen an increase in concerns with disclosures of self-harm, suicide ideation, and vulnerability.

To make a donation what will be doubled at no extra cost to you


Children and young people's mental health has suffered during Covid-19 even more for those who have lost a loved one from Covid and other illnesses. Christmas can bring up a lot of emotions and we are working with individuals and their families to provide support for grieving families who are disadvantaged or marginalised, and work with complex grief that can prohibit children from progressing in school. Additionally, we anticipate that we will support Children/YP who were unable to say goodbye.