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Our 2023 merger

Harlington Hospice and the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity have legally merged operations.

Over the last 47 years, the Michael Sobell Hospice has been a place of hope and support for local people with a serious or terminal illness and those close to them. In 2018, the closure of the Michael Sobell Inpatient Unit in Northwood sent ripples of sadness and concern through our local community.

It was with renewed hope and determination that Harlington Hospice and the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity, who fundraise for the Inpatient Unit, established a new partnership enabling the Inpatient Unit to reopen in January 2020. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the partnership between the two charities strengthened and we expanded our services. For almost 38 years, Harlington Hospice has been a rock in turbulent times for people in the Hillingdon community. It became clear how further collaboration between our two charities could benefit people who need the dedicated care and support we offer.

After four years of successful collaboration, Harlington Hospice and the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity are proud to announce that we have legally merged our operations. Merging has allowed us to join up the dedicated clinical teams from Harlington Hospice’s side, and experienced fundraising team from the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity’s side, that make up our essential hospice services. This increase in resources and expertise means we can become even more efficient in our day-to-day work and be there for generations to come. Our combined strengths will ensure that even when faced with the reality of death, everyone who comes to us will be supported to live each day their own way, to the fullest. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about our merger and rebranding here.

Today, we’re here for people in our community living alongside serious or terminal illness, however they wish to be supported; whether through Hospice at Home, Wellbeing, Psychological & Emotional Support, Education & Information, or our Inpatient Unit. Those who come to us will benefit from the expertise of the clinical staff at Harlington Hospice, with all our Hospice’s services now supported fully by a dedicated team of experienced fundraisers from the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity.

Whilst we are looking to our future, we are also returning to our roots and re-naming the Michael Sobell Hospice as Michael Sobell House. We will do everything we can to ensure that for those coming to stay with us, our house is their home. We know that the Inpatient Unit in Northwood has been – as well as a place of hope and support – a home for many living with serious illness and a place to return to during the most vulnerable moments. These services will continue to be available to those who need us and anyone who wishes to ringfence their kind donation to support the services inside Michael Sobell House will be able to do so.

Nahida, who stayed at Michael Sobell House and her daughter, Zaynib, smiling together
Nahida (right) with her daughter Zaynib (left). Nahida stayed at Michael Sobell House in January 2023 and was supported by our Inpatient Unit Team to visit Makkah in Saudi Arabia.

Steve Curry, Joint Chief Executive at the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity and Harlington Hospice, said, “I see this merger, this moment, as a launch pad into the future of hospice care for the more than 300,000 people living in Hillingdon and surrounding areas. A future where each human being told they are living with a terminal illness has their unique life – their unique goals – at the forefront of the care they receive, from early in their illness until the end of their life. And where the impact of illness on their family and friends is considered from the start right through to support being offered after someone dies.”

As we have become one hospice, we knew we needed a way to share this exciting merge of our charities with our community. And as charities including ours are learning to live with the challenges brought firstly by COVID-19 and now by the rises in the cost of living, we know it is more important than ever that we stand out when speaking to our wider community. Therefore, to mark our merger, we’re launching a new brand that reflects the values that have been, and always will be, at the heart of what we do: being collaborative, responsive, thoughtful and courageous. Our fresh new colours and distinctive logo stand as symbols of care and hope for people living with serious or terminal illness in our community. A logo that reflects not only one of our initials, but also a comforting hug during a turbulent time.

Top: The old brand logos for the Michael Sobell Hospice and Harlington Hospice. Bottom: The Hospice's new brand logo following the merger of the two charities.

Steve continued, “It is our aim that this bold new brand will be as unique as each person who comes to us, standing out and inspiring more people in our community to consider giving a gift or donating some time to support our work…”

“To those who have supported Michael Sobell House and Harlington Hospice for years, and to those who have recently given a gift, my most sincere thanks. And to anyone reading this facing illness or bereavement, please reach out. We are here for you.” Please read the full blog from Steve here.

As a charity only part-funded by the NHS, the kindness of our supporters has made what we do possible. It is only with their help that we can continue to be alongside our vibrant Hillingdon community at their time of need. With their help, every person who comes to us can be supported to shape their own care.

Matron Carol stands with a woman in a blue sari in our gardens at Lansdowne House

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