24/7 Advice & Support | 020 3824 1268

24/7 Advice & Support | 020 3824 1268

At Harlington Hospice we welcome people of all faiths, and none, to find support in our Houses and across our services. And work with a Spiritual Care Team which is founded on a multi faith and multi belief ethos. 

Our Spiritual Care Team is based at our Inpatient Unit in Michael Sobell House and works with people to identify their core values and ideals. 

Imam Rizwan Rawat explained how he understands spirituality and spiritual support

“As a team we just try our utmost best to simply promote spirituality as a whole and to help people understand what that means. I deliver training and speak about how I can get people to understand spiritual care and not make it religious.

The way I understand spirituality is that it is those most inner feelings, what we strive for, what we live for.  With spirituality, it’s about what makes you at ease, what makes you feel comfortable.”

Stories from our Spiritual Care Team