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A huge part of what we do at Michael Sobell Hospice is getting to know people on a personal level and individualising care from medical to spiritual needs. 2020 was a difficult year in so many ways, but it has not stopped us from exploring how to tackle these challenges and think outside the box!

Virtual Reality offers patients, like Pam, a chance to escape to places of memories. It creates a space for story telling – much to our staff’s delight! It has been incredible to experience these memories in a very real way – the response has been amazing!

It provides a distraction from pain, anxieties and difficult situations, whilst allowing for fears to be discussed through the experience. Often patients are initially nervous to try Virtual Reality, due to not wanting to be disappointed at places not available or having unrealistic expectations. However, so far everyone has had only wonderful feedback, often being surprised by the opportunity to explore!

Pam, a retired army nurse, who has travelled the world, said: “It is such a huge morale boost for people who are away from their loved ones. Words cannot describe the feeling of “being there” while still in Michael Sobell Hospice.” Pam spent much of her retirement travelling and was ecstatic to share these memories. We were also able to visit the Galapagos Islands, somewhere she has always wished to explore. They say the world is your oyster!

Words by Poppy Mackay, GP Registrar

Can you help? We are now looking for a donation of £350 to buy a new Virtual Reality kit for the Hospice. We feel this is now an essential piece of transformative equipment. Contact the Fundraising Team on email: info@michaelsobellhospice.org.

Matron Carol stands with a woman in a blue sari in our gardens at Lansdowne House

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