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The Big Give Christmas Challenge – Double your Donation

Thank you for supporting our Big Give Christmas Campaign to Help our patients be warm and cosy this winter. Thanks to your generosity we have now exceeded our target for this year and have no more Match Funding funds left!

From midday on Tuesday 28th November to midday on Tuesday 5th December, thanks to the generous support of our match funders – Sobell Bridge Club and The Reed Foundation – your donation will be DOUBLED until we meet our fundraising target of £7,500.

This means your donation of £5 becomes £10 – at no extra cost to you! Everyone can take part – individuals, community groups, businesses and make their donation worth DOUBLE.

When donating through the Big Give Christmas Campaign, your donation will help us to maintain a ‘home from home’ environment in our Inpatient Unit to ensure our patients experience a welcoming and cosy stay or visit. It could be as simple as turning a radiator on, providing a heated blanket, turning a fan on, or playing music on a CD player to help someone feel comfier and relaxed during their time with us.

Our Hospice community shared more about how our gas and electricity use contributes to the comfort and support we can offer.

“Things like the TV’s that are in each room here are really important because they make you feel like you’re at a home away from home. It’s something that just feels very familiar to be doing.”

Nicole has been staying at our Inpatient Unit for pain management and symptom control. 

Nicole, a black woman, lies in bed underneath a white and grey blanket.
Hand cooked, golden chips sit on a plate next to a pink salmon fillet sprinkled with pepper and next to green peas

“Our food is never cooked in batches but is individually prepared to the highest quality. With our kitchen in near continuous use throughout the day to support each person and cater to their specific needs and wishes we use a lot of electricity.”

Daniel individually prepares all our food at Michael Sobell House fresh each day.

“Our pressure mattresses use electricity to move side to side and shift underneath someone to relieve the pressure from lying in one position for a long time. They offer more comfort because they are not only more protective of the body, but they are also more dignified. Through a remote control it is the mattress itself that moves rather than an HCA or nurse having to manually move someone on the bed.”

Susan is a Health Care Assistant (HCA) at our Inpatient Unit at Michael Sobell House and highlighted just some of the many piece of equipment in our IPU which utilise electricity to ensure the comfort and safety of everyone staying with us.

“The massage therapy is extremely helpful and has improved my mother’s mobility and pain in her feet and back. Physically the therapy has been amazing but also mentally her mood has been more positive and she is really happy.”

Relative of someone who is being supported by our Complementary Therapy Team in our Wellbeing service. When receiving a massage it is really important that we can keep our rooms warm and cosy to aid in relaxation. 

“Making sure that everyone we support at Michael Sobell House can be active in some way is an important part of the work our Rehabilitation Team carries out. We have a specialised piece of equipment called a MOTOmed which helps people to maintain their joint range of movement, improve their muscle strength, and help their physical function.” 

Our Rehab Team work with people at Michael Sobell House to keep them independent and improve their physical fitness. By using equipment like the MOTOmed they can offer more ways of doing this. 

“I really enjoy Encaustic art and the instant effect it gives!”

Patricia, a member of our Creative Arts classes who finds great enjoyment in using our craft iron to create Encaustic Art. This is when wax is melted using our iron and applied in different ways to paper. 

“Our Creative Arts sessions are important for the people we support because they offer a chance to make something in a creative way that they might not have the opportunity to do otherwise. It can be a very rewarding experience for lots of people; it often helps people to relax. And offers a space for shared support and friendship amongst our members. We often use hair dryers to ensure that projects can be completed quicker or our craft iron to make encaustic art which lots of people really enjoy doing. A lot of people have their work framed or made into cards.”

Our Creative Arts Team reflected on the importance of Creative Arts.

Matron Carol stands with a woman in a blue sari in our gardens at Lansdowne House

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