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24/7 Advice & Support | 020 3824 1268

Lymphoedema Service

The aim of our service is to provide individuals with a treatment plan of the highest standard so they can continue living their lives in a way that is meaningful to them.
Lymphoedema is a condition that causes swelling in the body, usually the arms and legs, because an individual’s lymphatic system is not working properly. This means that there is a build up of fluid in the body’s tissues.

Our Lymphoedema Service is nurse led and available at both Michael Sobell House and Lansdowne House. Our team only provides home visits to people who are housebound.


We provide assessment, advice, diagnosis, treatment and continued support for people living with lymphoedema. We support and treat people who have lymphoedema for whatever reason: secondary cancer related, chronic venous oedema, chronic illnesses, primary lymphoedema, and lipoedema.

A treatment plan may include a short series of various treatments, self-care techniques, and a ‘Maintenance Phase’ with regular but less frequent follow up sessions.

Treatment can include:
  • Physio Pod
  • IPC (intermittent Pump Garments)
  • Multi Lower Layer Bandaging (MLLB)
  • Kinesio Tape 
  • Laser treatment (assisting with pain) 
  • Compression garments
  • Advice
We offer assessments for the following:
  • Primary lymphoedema
  • Secondary lymphoedema
  • Complications of lymphoedema 
  • Cellulitis lymphorrhagia 
  • Lipoedema

Our lymphoedema group sessions

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Matron Carol stands with a woman in a blue sari in our gardens at Lansdowne House

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