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24/7 Advice & Support | 020 3824 1268

All our workshops for carers are run in collaboration with Carers Trust Hillingdon. 

Throughout the year we have a range of workshops, including caring at the end of life and wellbeing. 

 Caring at the end of life 

 These workshops work with unpaid carers who are supporting someone who is at or nearing the end of their life. They are designed to help you understand palliative care and how to care in the home at the end of life. And are facilitated by skilled health professionals, with a psychotherapist on hand at each session. 
Understanding palliative care 

What: This workshop covers the things you need to know when someone close to you receives a palliative diagnosis. Introducing topics like advance care planning, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) decisions, hospice care, and sources of support in Hillingdon and how to access them.

When: Wednesday 16 August, 2-4pm

Where: Zoom 

Caring for a loved one in the home at the end of life 

What: This workshop offers the practical skills you will need to care at home, with demonstrations by health professionals and a chance to practice. 

When: Wednesday 23 August, 2-4pm

Where: Michael Sobell House. 

Dealing with death

What: This workshop looks at practical actions you will need to take when someone dies. As well as offering strategies to cope with the emotions you are likely to face and help to access other support. 

When: Wednesday 30 August, 2-4pm

Where: Zoom

Introduction to complementary therapies

What: This workshop will teach you how to utilise complementary therapies like therapeutic touch, essential oils and breath work to help both yourself and the person you care for. 

When: Wednesday 6 September, 2-4pm

Where: Michael Sobell House

For more information about any of these workshops please get in touch with Carers Trust Hillingdon by calling 01895 811206 or emailing wellbeing@carerstrusthillingdon.org 

Wellbeing for Carers

These workshops are half a day each and focus on how unpaid carers can look after themselves.


Time for you – Focus on Me.

Practices of Therapeutic Care – The Art of Simple Self Care.

When and where:

Friday 1st September – 10.30 – 1.00 pm, Harlington.

Monday 16th October – 1.30 – 4.00 pm, Ruislip.

Monday 18th December – 10.00 – 12.30 pm, Yiewsley.

March 2024 – Time and venue TBC.

To register for this workshop please get in touch with Carers Trust Hillingdon by emailing Nadia HabibiEvans  n.habibievans@carerstrusthillingdon.org

When caring ends 

Hillingdon Carers Trust host a café called ‘The Robins’ specifically for carers who have lost the person they care for. 

When: The second Wednesday of each month in Uxbridge.

They also have a yoga group for bereaved carers.

When: The fourth Tuesday of the month in Uxbridge.