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Volunteering after Retirement – The Unexpected Joys 

A woman in a black shirt sits at a desk in front of a computer screen.

Jutta, one of our amazing Reception Volunteers at our Inpatient Unit at Michael Sobell House, shared her experience of working in our Inpatient Unit and the joys it has brought her. Read her story below. Harlington Hospice (HH): How long have you been a volunteer with us and what inspired you to volunteer with us?  […]

Powerday Charity Shop raises £50,000 for Harlington hospice

Three men and a woman stand behind a large cheque that reads, Powerday Waste Weekend Charity Shop, Twenty Thousand Pounds.

Waste Weekend events raised total of £50,000 for Harlington Hospice over the past 4 year Everyone at Harlington Hospice is deeply appreciative of the continuous support from Powerday over the last four years. Through their recycled goods charity shop at West Drayton, Waste Weekend Charity Shop they have raised £20,000 this year, making a running […]

Suraj’s volunteering story

Suraj has been a volunteer at Michael Sobell House since his mother was supported by our team three years ago. After working across our Fundraising and Inpatient Unit Teams in various volunteering capacities, Suraj shared his experience with us. Read his story below. “My mum had been staying at the Inpatient Unit, about three years […]

Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers

A group of 7 people, a mixture of men and women, stand outside holding a giant cheque.

Our Team spoke to the Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers about why they chose to support Michael Sobell House with the money raised from their model railway and stall.   The Ickenham & District Society of Model Engineers has been supporters of Michael Sobell House for a number of years. In November 2023, they […]

Your Hospice, Our News: November 2023

Matron Carol stands with a woman in a blue sari in our gardens at Lansdowne House

Your Hospice, Our News is filled to the brim with interesting stories and perspectives from key members, volunteers and fundraisers across our organisation. Read our latest newsletter

Thirty-One Years of the Sobell Bridge Club

The Sobell Bridge Club has been a long standing supporter of Michael Sobell House. A club dedicated both to fundraising and to providing a community group, it has raised funds for the building of the Michael Sobell Centre, supported its members throughout COVID-19, and at its heart is a warm and welcoming group. Our Communications […]

Matron Carol stands with a woman in a blue sari in our gardens at Lansdowne House

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