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Meet local man Leslie Pereyra from Ruislip, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday volunteering at the Michael Sobell Hospice Charity (MSHC) shop based on the High Street in Ruislip, where he works every week, saying it has given him a “new lease of life!”

Leslie lost his wife to cancer in 2014 when she passed away at the Hospice. He was feeling very lonely and low following the loss. After talking to the Michael Sobell Hospice Bereavement Team, they suggested that he might enjoy volunteering in one of the Charity shops.  Lesley had never even been in a charity shop before, but once he started volunteering, he couldn’t wait to go back!

Leslie works three half days at the shop helping out on the till and always serves customers with a smile. Commenting on his volunteer role he said: “Working at the shop has given me a new lease of life.  It has made my life more bearable and has been a form of therapy since my wife passed away. I really look forward to coming here. I meet people of all ages every day and everyone always has something interesting to say to me. The staff at the shop are so good to me, and they ‘mother’ me a lot. I would really recommend volunteering here, it is a wonderful opportunity to keep busy and give something back.”

MSHC relies heavily on volunteers to help keep its three Charity shops running in Ruislip, Eastcote and Northwood. Without them, it couldn’t raise the much needed income of over £260,000 per year which the shops provide. If you can spare a few hours a week and would like to join the Hospice volunteer team, please call Victoria on 020 3826 2356 or email vmansell@michaelsobellhospice.org. You can also find out more HERE.

To find out more about the work of MSHC, please click here or call the Fundraising Office on 020 3826 2367.


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